SiteBabble is a resource for people that want to learn how to build websites and web-based applications. We offer free and paid articles, tutorials, and classes to help you achieve your web development goals.

Who is this site for?

While you can’t be everything for everybody, we strive to focus on two groups:

  • Novice to advanced developers
  • Non-developers like entrepreneurs and small business owners

Developers wanting to hone their skills welcome

Are you a web developer, or trying to become one? Want to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL? Then you’ll definitely want to look at our articles and tutorials. We have content for all levels of web developer, from novice to advanced.

Non-techies also welcome here

Not everybody that wants to create a website is a techie or developer, or wants to become one. Some people just want to build a site for their business. Therefore one of our goals is to teach non-developers how to create a website without getting overly technical.

We feel our job is to translate all the “technobabble and web-speak” into plain English. So we explain topics in the least technical terms.

Training classes also available

We know that sometimes articles and tutorials just aren’t enough. Therefore we offer more structured training classes as well. Our online courses range from self-paced to fully interactive. Also, we have in-person classes for those who prefer the most possible.

By the way, why does your logo look like a fish?

It’s purely intentional. The BabbleFish is a homage to the Babel fish in Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker To The Galaxy series – a fish that could translate other languages into your own. Kinda like what we strive to to here. But without the squishy feeling in your ear.